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Now 47, she has been in a relationship for two years, and works in London as a hospital administrator.

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It’s too late for us now - he’s remarried twice, and is with his third wife.

My husband checked out of marriage as if he was checking out of an hotel.

He’d been having an affair with a woman in her sixties (at least 15 years older than him), he wanted a new life without us, and thought he could just close off the old life and start again. Mine was very arduous and nasty: he threatened custody, resigned from his job, became self-employed, and went to live abroad to avoid paying support.

They come home from him in tears, upset, raging, because he argues constantly with his new wife, and the atmosphere in their house is so volatile. It sounds appalling, but I always felt we’d have made a quicker recovery if he had died.

I would have had some money and could have been nice about his memory, and he wouldn’t have been able to ruin it by reminding his kids on a weekly basis that the clay feet have a matching heart and brain." • Sophie’s husband left her 12 years ago when their daughter was three months old, after five years of marriage.

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