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In Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, you can control telemetry streams by using the Privacy option in Settings, Group Policy, or MDM.For Windows 10, we invite IT pros to join the Windows Insider Program to give us feedback on what we can do to make Windows work better for your organization.Their publishers are responsible for notifying users of their privacy policies, telemetry controls, and so on.This article describes the types of telemetry we may gather, the ways you might manage it in your organization, and some examples of how telemetry can provide you with valuable insights into your enterprise deployments.On the other hand, functional data can contain personal information.However, a user action, such as requesting news or asking Cortana a question, usually triggers collection and transmission of functional data.

For example, exchanging a user’s location for local weather or news is not an example of telemetry—it is functional data that the app or service requires to satisfy the user’s request.

You can control how much information is gathered by setting the telemetry level.

Microsoft tries to avoid collecting personal information wherever possible (for example, if a crash dump is collected and a document was in memory at the time of the crash).

Microsoft uses the data to quickly identify and address issues affecting its customers.

Use this article to make informed decisions about how you might configure telemetry in your organization.

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