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They lived primarily in three different kingdoms: the Kingdom of Kuku, the Kingdom of Ait Abbas, and the principality of Aït Jubar.The area was gradually taken over by the French during their colonization beginning in 1857, despite vigorous resistance.

The Kabyle region is referred to as Al Qabayel ("tribes") by the Arabic-speaking population and as Kabylie in French.

This new version of Tifinagh has been called Neo-Tifinagh, but its use remains limited to logos.

Kabyle literature has continued to be written in the Latin script.

In the months following April 2001 (called the Black Spring), major riots among the Kabyle took place followed the killing of Masinissa Guermah, a young Kabyle, by gendarmes.

At the same time, organized activism produced the Arouch, and neo-traditional local councils.

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