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Papa enjoyed his military service especially the travels to foreign countries. Papa rarely spoke about his early years in Mercedes, TX, except to say he hitchhiked 30 miles to school every day, played baseball and won a typing contest. Willie Davila recalled, "Doctor would really get on us if we did not have a notepad."My father was a leader and he wanted things done "Garcia style." To the casual observer the "Garcia style" appeared to be a simplistic set of rules. My father changed the destiny of Mexican Americans in this country.

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Living by the code helped my father survive youth in a hostile society, service in the military during World War II, and as an activist for civil rights.

The code was passed down as a legacy to each generation of Garcias.

But I learned from my cousins these were universally held beliefs in the family and all Garcias were indoctrinated with the code.

In turn, Jose Antonio Garcia, a no nonsense strict disciplinarian, had reared the Garcia siblings by the Garcia code.

When Jose Antonio Garcia, my grandfather, was growing up, his father had indoctrinated him with the code.

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