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This article will show you one way to verify the file's contents: checking its 32-bit CRC value.

View page [...] This is an old article, and sadly this is still a problem today.

Read more Recently I have found myself thinking a lot about file verification.

Likewise, I would like a convenient way to check the integrity of a file to verify that it hasn't been changed.

A long long time ago and far far away, this problem was solved by embedding hash strings in computer files, specifically any executable file, such as as DLLs, COMs, EXEs, or *and so on.

The first hash string indicated the presence (or absence) of other hash strings, and was in a location always ignored but likely to be overwritten by any hack or cut/paste to the binary file.

– assuming you already have internet access that is, which is a pretty safe assumption to make if you’re reading this.

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I’ll let you in on a little secret: everything I do in my daily job was learnt over the years by reading online tutorials and just “having a go”.I would love to see something like this added to all operating systems so that the computer can verify the integrity of files constantly.Outside programs are fine, but they are cumbersome and difficult to use on a daily basis.[...] File Verification Using CRC – view page – cached Recently I have found myself thinking a lot about file verification.By file verification, I mean the process of determining whether a file on my computer has been modified unexpectedly.

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