Jew dating german

World War I, with its trenches, bombs and gas being thrown back and forth, came at great cost of money and casualties.

The solution was "Blitzkrieg," "lightning-strikes" of mobile tanks, cannons and troops designed to break through static defenses.

Hitler thought the nations of the world had gone soft and would fight as they did in WWI. The Saar Basin, the richest coal area in Europe, was taken away from Germany after WWI.

It was administered by the League of Nations, with the coal going to France.

2) The Germans did not want to get stuck in a two-front war.

In World War I, the Germans fought the Russians on one side, and the Allies on the other.

They looked to the east – to the large expanses of Poland populated by what they considered "sub-humans.” The German generals who fought in World War I had learned their lesson well.

They re-militarized the Rhineland, violating the Versailles Treaty.

With historical naiveté, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain described Hitler as “a man I can really trust," then proudly declared that he had achieved “peace in our time.” The Western mind thought they could appease the maniacal beast.

But just a few months later, in March 1939, Hitler occupied Prague, and the entirety of Czechoslovakia was gone. Suddenly everyone realized that the lights were about to go off in Europe for the second time in 25 years. The Germans were restless; "Greater Germany" was being restored; Austria and Czechoslovakia were theirs.

In the interview with Robert Bongen for Panorama, Ursula Haverbeck completely destroyed the entire Holohoax myth.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take very long for perpetrators of the greatest lie ever told, and their bootlickers, to strike back against the source of truth.

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