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Even with a joystick, it’s important to print out the Quick Reference because you have to use the keyboard too.For me, this was a little too much of a real flight simulator and not quite enough of a “game”.Not being a pilot, I don’t really want the flight simulator game to be as realistic as possible.I just want to have control over the basics and be able to practice my takeoffs, landings and maneuvers.I’m no pilot, but for Christmas I did get two new awesome remote control toys: A Blade CX2 electric helicopter and an Aero Bird Swift electric airplane.These are not the cheap kind you get at Toys R Us, but the high end ones that come only from hobby stores.Starting the Flight Simulator Using the HUDControlling the Plane Landing Community Q&A If you have the Google Earth version that was released on August 20th, 2007, or later, you have access to a flight simulator.

A ship captain is to deliver his ship and the valuable cargo safely to it's destination. Millions worth of goods are your responsibility as you carefully head into port. The Ship simulator game can not be played but you can try out the image gallery and the menu system when you click "Play". Post feedback in the Facebook group There is still a lot to do but were another step closer to release. Technology kinda caught up with us so we ended up re-writing large portions of the game.4.) Flight Gear It seems like the big daddy of the bunch is Flight Gear, an open source game available for just about any platform out there (Unix, Win, Mac, etc.).There are tons of airplanes and also scenery for the entire world!3.) Aces High When I first discovered the Aces High Web site I was not really all that thrilled.It is a nice looking site, but it appeared that the game was only free because you’d have to pay to go online and dogfight with other users.

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