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You can either hook it directly into the phone line so it will record every phone in the house, or you can hook it to your phone's handset so that it only records from your phone.It can be activated by voice or it can just start rolling tape whenever a phone is picked up.If you run your own podcast show, these recording methods work great for podcasting telephone calls.Or maybe you'd just like to tap and record someone else's phone line, or even a public phone.

Whatever gets you hard, search the categories below to find the girl for you. All our girls work from home and only log on when they’re feeling wet, horny and they want to get off by talking dirty to guys like you.Then it will stop recording when the caller hangs up.Radio Shack carries 2 different models and I've never been able to understand what the difference is between them.If you have a phone handset that has electronics in the handset (i.e.the dialing keypad is IN the handset) then you might end up with interference in your recording.

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