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Not sure how people around can really realized that.

Getting your nose close to the skin can actually sense the different among those two. Like sailing with a peeled orange being put closely to your nose & with some fierce waves hitting a big rock close to your ship.

If you Terre De Hermes give this a go, if you want something more clean with more of a soapy than citrus vibe and something for the high heat. Smoky, citrus-balm scent, which reminds me of vomiting .... To be honest im not the big fan of this scent, the orange accord is too dominant. A friend of mine paid one of 50ml and one of 100ml and both came from 100ml (it seems that they were wrong in notino), I received them yesterday, i got 2 bottles of 100ml (both from 2013), batch: 01D09A1.

I was confident and optimistic because the ingredients seemed exciting, but left me disappointed ...... ) The first thing I do not like is the citrus chord of the headache or the patchouli! Not the worst fragrance in my life, but we will not be friends. However after wearing it a couple time i start to like the dry down more then the opening (the opening can last up to 3hr) where i can start to smell the sea notes. I live in Dominican republic, my friend came from the United States, he bought the perfumes and I paid here .

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great performance and longetivity and again great scent, it's now a blind buy for me I was hesitant to pull the trigger on this one due to its polarizing effect, but I’m glad I did.I get a orange, citrus linear fragrance, with well blended patchouli and a sense of balminess or oiliness.This fragrance is manly, macho and asks to be worn with a air of distinction.One things for sure and that is I'll only be using one spray.I feel very very sorry for the people who dislike because it's one of the five best frangances ,along with prada carbon, dior ssauvage, versace dylan blue and eros, in my life time.

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