Consolidating parent plus loans

The fund for public agencies shall maintain a separate ledger showing the amount of investment for each public agency in the fund.

"Public funds" and "public agency" as used in this Section shall have the meanings ascribed to them in Section 1 of the Public Funds Investment Act.

In the case of a state bank newly chartered under Section 13 or a state bank resulting from a merger, consolidation, or conversion under Sections 21 through 26 for which no preceding quarterly call report has been filed with the Commissioner, unimpaired capital and unimpaired surplus shall be calculated for the first calendar quarter on the basis of the effective date of the charter, merger, consolidation, or conversion.

There is transferred to the Commissioner all the powers and authorities and all duties and responsibilities heretofore vested in the Director of Financial Institutions under this Act.

In the case of a manager-managed limited liability company, however, "director" means a manager of the bank and, in the case of a member-managed limited liability company, "director" means a member of the bank.

The term "director" does not include an advisory director, honorary director, director emeritus, or similar person, unless the person is otherwise performing functions similar to those of a member of the board of directors."Eligible depository institution" means an insured savings association that is in default, an insured savings association that is in danger of default, a State or national bank that is in default or a State or national bank that is in danger of default, as those terms are defined in this Section, or a new bank as that term defined in Section 11(m) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act or a bridge bank as that term is defined in Section 11(n) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act or a new federal savings association authorized under Section 11(d)(2)(f) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act."Fiduciary" means trustee, agent, executor, administrator, committee, guardian for a minor or for a person under legal disability, receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, assignee for creditors, or any holder of similar position of trust."Financial institution" means a bank, savings bank, savings and loan association, credit union, or any licensee under the Consumer Installment Loan Act or the Sales Finance Agency Act and, for purposes of Section 48.3, any proprietary network, funds transfer corporation, or other entity providing electronic funds transfer services, or any corporate fiduciary, its subsidiaries, affiliates, parent company, or contractual service provider that is examined by the Commissioner.

If the source note at the end of a Section of the statutes includes a Public Act that has not yet taken effect, the version of the law that is currently in effect may have already been removed from the database and you should refer to that Public Act to see the changes made to the current law."Affiliate facility" of a bank means a main banking premises or branch of another commonly owned bank.

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Where publishing is required, the bank shall submit to the Commissioner that evidence of the publication as the Commissioner shall deem appropriate."Qualified financial contract" means any security contract, commodity contract, forward contract, including spot and forward foreign exchange contracts, repurchase agreement, swap agreement, and any similar agreement, any option to enter into any such agreement, including any combination of the foregoing, and any master agreement for such agreements.

Every officer and employee shall for any offense be subject to the same penalty or penalties, civil or criminal, as are prescribed by existing law for the same offense by any officer or employee whose powers or duties devolve upon him under this Act.

It shall be lawful to form banks, as herein provided, for the purpose of discount and deposit, buying and selling exchange and doing a general banking business, excepting the issuing of bills to circulate as money; and such banks shall have the power to loan money on personal and real estate security, and to accept and execute trusts upon obtaining a certificate of authority pursuant to the "Corporate Fiduciary Act", and shall be subject to all of the provisions of this Act.

For purposes of Section 5c and subsection (b) of Section 13 of this Act, "financial institution" includes any proprietary network, funds transfer corporation, or other entity providing electronic funds transfer services, and any corporate fiduciary.

"General obligation" means a bond, note, debenture, security, or other instrument evidencing an obligation of the government entity that is the issuer that is supported by the full available resources of the issuer, the principal and interest of which is payable in whole or in part by taxation."In danger of default" means a State or national bank, a federally chartered insured savings association or an Illinois state chartered insured savings association with respect to which the Commissioner or the appropriate federal banking agency has advised the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that:"In default" means, with respect to a State or national bank or an insured savings association, any adjudication or other official determination by any court of competent jurisdiction, the Commissioner, the appropriate federal banking agency, or other public authority pursuant to which a conservator, receiver, or other legal custodian is appointed for a State or national bank or an insured savings association."Insured savings association" means any federal savings association chartered under Section 5 of the federal Home Owners' Loan Act and any State savings association chartered under the Illinois Savings and Loan Act of 1985 or a predecessor Illinois statute, the deposits of which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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